COVID-19 Update: We are continuing to offer services through telehealth, along with essential in-person sessions.
COVID-19 Update: We are continuing to offer services through telehealth, along with essential in-person sessions, and a variety of community offerings, which can be found on our "events" page.

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine at Sage

We offer acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at our center as part of our holistic approach to wellness at our center in South Berkeley. At Sage, acupuncture sessions occur in a relaxing, wellness center environment where our licensed acupuncturists provide integrative and comprehensive treatments to support symptom relief and self-healing. We also offer herbal consultations as part of our Traditional Chinese Medicine offering.
Why Acupuncture at Sage?
Caring & experienced practitioners
All of our acupuncturists & traditional chinese medicine practitioners are licensed Doctors of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, meaning they have the highest level of training and have spent over 2000 hours honing their craft. Our acupuncturists are passionate about integrative health care and provide a comfortable, professional environment for our patients to reach their health and wellness goals.
Healing & therapeutic environment
At Sage, our acupuncture center is designed to offer a safe, healing, & supportive environment for your acupuncture treatment. We offer one-on-one appointments in a private environment at our acupuncture clinic in Berkeley, allowing our patients greater relaxation and tranquility during their acupuncture sessions. This allows our acupuncturist to focus on each patient's needs and progress.
We focus on the whole person
The Chinese medicine approach to healing takes into account the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Each acupuncture treatment seeks to restore a sense of balance and connection, providing symptom relief while treating the root causes of those symptoms. Our acupuncturists care greatly about supporting our patients in making progress over the course of their treatments. Treatment plans are developed for each individual tailored to their unique needs, utilizing holistic tools that will be most effective for each individual.
Care, coordinated
Sage offers acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine in an integrative health and wellness setting: we offer a broad range of both traditional & Western treatment modalities to support our patients in their healing process. Our acupuncture providers are skilled at identifying additional wellness and mental health modalities that may be beneficial for our patients. If desired, our practitioners can coordinate care and maximize the therapeutic potential of combined treatment.

What is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which foundationally views illness and disease as an imbalance of the energetic systems of the body. Acupuncture helps to cultivate the smooth flow of energy through the body by unblocking stagnation, dispersing toxins, and helping rebuild strength. This is done through the insertion of small needles into specific points throughout the body along energetic pathways called "meridians," allowing for the rebalancing of energy and signalling the body to "turn on" mechanisms for self-healing. Research has shown that the needle insertions help promote blood circulation, increase immune responses, and release endorphins in the brain. This results in a healing response for a wide range of ailments ranging from lower back pain to anxiety.
For some patients where needles may not be appropriate or possible, an approach known as acupressure may be a similarly effective therapeutic modality. Instead of inserting needles, our Acupuncturist may use pressure from their hands or stimulation to unlock key points and allow the body to rebalance and heal in a similar way. Acupressure can also be offered via telemedicine for patients who wish to seek treatment from the privacy of their own homes.

What is Traditional Chinese medicine?
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an approach to medicine that has evolved over thousands of years, originating and traditionally practiced in China. TCM practitioners use multiple mind and body practices as well as herbal medicine to address health problems. In addition to offering relaxing acupuncture sessions, TCM treatment also involves an in-depth evaluation and comprehensive treatment plans tailored to the needs of each individual.
Our acupuncturists at Sage specialize in integrative medicine, meaning they are skilled at blending together both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western approaches to healing. These can include other modalities like cupping & massage, herbal medicine formulas, supplements, dietary protocols, spiritual practices, and lifestyle recommendations.

What to expect?
What should I expect from my first acupuncture session?
The first step in beginning acupuncture involves a short intake - our Sage team will reach out to gather pre-appointment information via phone or email that will help your acupuncturist prepare for your session. At your intake appointment at our center, your acupuncturist will meet with you to conduct a thorough health exam, gather your health history, discuss any symptoms or concerns you may have, and go over your treatment goals. From there you'll have your first acupuncture session. Your acupuncture specialist will develop a treatment plan and recommend follow up visits, herbal formulas, and diet and lifestyle support as needed.
What should I expect during the acupuncture session?
After our acupuncturist completes a holistic evaluation and determines what kind of treatment is appropriate that day, you will get into a comfortable position on the acupuncture table.

Our acupuncturist will then insert typically between 5 and 20 small acupuncture needles into specific points on the head, arms, hands, legs, feet, or back. The needles are very thin and our acupuncturists are skilled in their technique, so this is a generally painless process. The needles will stay in for typically 15-30 minutes, depending on the treatment goals. Research has shown that acupuncture increases endorphins in the brain and most patients report feeling very relaxed during the duration of the session; many people even fall asleep! The practitioner will then carefully remove and dispose of the needles at the end of the session.

Many patients describe feelings of tranquility and subtle improvements in their energy and mood immediately following their sessions. Patients frequently report symptom improvement in the days and weeks following each acupuncture treatment.
Who should consider acupuncture?
  • Most people are good candidates for acupuncture treatment as it has been shown to be beneficial for a wide range of symptoms and concerns. There is substantial evidence supporting acupuncture for the treatment of pain, including neck pain, back pain, joint pain, chronic pain, and even dental pain. Many people find that acupuncture is an effective supportive therapy for mental health and wellness and provides symptom relief for anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and body tension. Our acupuncturists at Sage specializes in integrative mental health, offering treatments around integrative psychiatry, psycho-spiritual growth, and psychedelic integration. Acupuncture has been shown to be an excellent treatment for women's health concerns as well, including labor pain & pregnancy support, fertility support, & menopause symptom relief. Additionally, acupuncture has shown to be effective in the treatment of chronic headaches, migraines, allergies, chemotherapy-induced nausea & vomiting, and allergies.

  • Whether you're experiencing any of the symptoms above or are simply seeking stress relief or support for your healing process, acupuncture could be a great fit for you. Our acupuncturist can provide additional information during the intake process on whether acupuncture may be beneficial for you

  • Acupuncture can be an incredible ally for those participating in ketamine assisted therapy (KAT), increasing the effectiveness and augmenting the experience of the ketamine treatment. Acupuncture can support people in relaxing, calming their nervous systems, and entering into an open and receptive space prior to a KAT session. It can be effective in reducing/preventing nausea for those who struggle with this side effect of ketamine. People have found acupuncture to be helpful immediately after a ketamine assisted therapy session as well, to support them in grounding and coming back into their bodies, while amplifying and extending the relaxation cultivated in the KAT session.

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