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Integrative health means treating symptoms and root causes with the most effective holistic and modern techniques. It is a truly comprehensive approach to patient care.

At Sage we offer a variety of treatments from mental health, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, herbalism, bodywork and more.

All of our offerings are listed below, but for more information or to schedule an appointment you can always give us a call.

Mental Health
Therapy & Psychiatry
At some point in our lives many of us will feel that things are moving very fast. Questions of mortality, aging, belonging and purpose can creep up. Time slips by. Eventually we recognize that living our best life takes support, introspection and willingness to change. Therapy helps us to develop greater capacity for aliveness and more meaningful relationships to ourselves and our loved ones.

Integrative psychiatry is a comprehensive approach to providing stability and support as you grapple with the challenges in your life, learn more about who you are, and confront the symptoms that interfere with the things and relationships you love.

The discipline looks at the whole person, connects the state of body and mind, and leans on a combination of psychotherapy, medication management, lab work, and lifestyle recommendations, to equip you with the tools to thrive.

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Integrative Psychiatry
Therapy is the support system for your pursuit of a better life. It is the process of "unsticking" yourself; finding the aspects of your present and past that are currently creating friction in your life in order to better understand and integrate them.

It's one thing to know therapy is important. It's another thing to feel comfortable doing it. Finding the right therapist is essential. We do our best at Sage to support you in finding the right match for you, whether it is with one of our talented in-house therapists or with a colleague in our wide and diverse network.

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Ketamine Therapy
Ketamine-assisted therapy can be a powerful way to examine the unconscious processes that motivate you and explore the nature of consciousness itself. This unique combination of biochemical effects, therapeutic relationship, and altered states of consciousness can help to lift your mood, offer important insights into your life, and deepen your relationship with yourself.

Ketamine, placed on the World Health Organization's list of "Essential Medicines" in 1985, was created as a pharmaceutical anesthetic. Researchers later discovered that in the right dose, this medicine produces an altered state of consciousness that can be valuable to mental health treatment.

When used in a safe, controlled environment under proper supervision, ketamine can provide near-immediate relief from emotional and physical pain, while helping people to look deeply into themselves. With the support of a trained practitioner, these experiences offer an expanded perspective that can help you reframe complex problems and heal from chronic and intractable symptoms.

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Ketamine Therapy
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Psychedelic Integration
People explore psychedelics in a wide range of environments, often leading to powerful and transformative experiences worth trying to understand on a deeper level. Integration is the work of making sense of these experiences and intentionally applying their lessons to your life in a meaningful way.

Psychedelic substances - sometimes called entheogenic or "manifesting the divine within" - can have a profound impact on a person's life. These experiences can be transformative. They can also be destabilizing. Integration involves leaning into these experiences, making sense of them, and applying their lessons to our lives. Integration lasts far beyond the psychedelic experience. It is truly a lifelong pursuit.

Sage is proudly "psychedelic-friendly." We are a safe environment where, without judgment, you can find meaning in entheogenic experiences. In collaboration with ERIE (Entheogenic Research, Integration, & Education) we host a regular psychedelic integration circle and many of our practitioners are skilled in supporting people in this work.

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Psychedelic Integration
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Natural Medicine
Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathic doctors serve as general practitioners, specializing in identifying the root causes behind your symptoms and treating them through a combination of natural and Western medical approaches.

Naturopathic doctors are trained as primary care practitioners, with a focus on treating acute and chronic health problems through prevention, careful assessment, diagnosis and a range of natural approaches to care. Four years of post-graduate training covers conventional medical sciences-- anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, immunology etc.-- as well as a detailed study of natural therapies including nutrition, herbs, supplements and lifestyle.

Naturopathic medicine goes deeper than Western medicine, with the ability to understand and treat "mystery" symptoms often misdiagnosed by Western medical doctors. Naturopathic doctors achieve this through a blend of age-old holistic healing and advanced modern techniques, providing a wide array of tools for patient care.

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Available by telemedicine only at this time.
Naturopathic Medicine
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Nutrition & Herbalism
Diet, supplements and herbal remedies can have a profound effect on your energy, mood and wellbeing. Through an individualized treatment plan, professional guidance and continued support, these powerful modalities will be important guides on your healing journey.

Nutritional counseling supports optimal health by combining the science of nutrition, the art of food, and the practice of self care. It helps you cultivate an attention to the wisdom of the body: the often subtle cues letting us know which foods and behaviors feel right.

Working with our nutritionist, you will create and implement a functional nutrition plan, which will serve as a cornerstone in your path to healing.
Nutritional Counseling
Herbal medicine has been used by every culture around the world throughout history for health and healing. These traditional remedies serve as the basis for many pharmaceutical medications today.

At Sage we employ an East-West herbalism approach, blending the latest scientific research on medicinal plants with advanced diagnostic tools from Traditional Chinese Medicine to create powerful botanical treatments for each patient.
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Integrative Bodywork
Acupuncture & Craniosacral
Acupuncture and craniosacral therapy are two forms of treatment that work directly with the nervous system and energetics of the body, serving to open blocked channels, facilitate optimal energy flow, and bring the nervous system and body back into harmony. They offer a sense of balance, supporting and empowering the body's innate ability to heal itself.

Acupuncture is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), an ancient medical tradition that evolved over 2500 years. Acupuncture involves the insertion of small needles into the skin at specific points in the body that facilitate opening to support the healing of a wide range of ailments ranging from lower back pain to anxiety. Acupuncture and TCM are rooted in activating the body's innate healing potential, incorporating herbs, body work, nutritional support, and needling techniques.

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Our various body systems have rhythms to them. The cardiac system has the rhythm of heartbeat, our respiratory system has the rhythm of our breath. Craniosacral therapy touches the natural rhythms of our nervous system, following the flow of our cerebral spinal fluid. By tapping into our body's hardwiring, craniosacral therapy offers deep therapeutic benefits by cultivating stillness, awareness and energy through meditative touch.

Patients say that craniosacral therapy is hard to describe, but that it leaves them feeling powerfully awake, relaxed, and deeply alive.

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Craniosacral Therapy
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Massage Therapy
Massage therapy relieves stress and tension, increases flexibility, improves circulation and accelerates your recovery and healing process.

Massage therapy is perhaps the easiest illustration of the power of an integrative approach to health. Stress in our lives is often physically stored in our body and muscular structure. Bodywork can relieve muscle tension and leave us feeling deeply calm. Our massage therapist specializes in a wide variety of techniques, including deep tissue, trigger point and shiatsu.
Massage Therapy
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Meditation & Yoga
True health comes from a flourishing mind, body and spirit. Mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga are essential tools in building the bridge between these component parts, helping you to develop a sense of awareness and presence that can serve as a foundation for your health and wellbeing.

Meditation and yoga may feel like indulgences in our busy lives. However, both can be invaluable in the practice of keeping our body and mind healthy. Many of our practitioners blend yoga and meditation into their work, as tools to cultivate mindfulness and intentionality, core aspects of the greater work of healing the whole being. We offer a bi-monthly meditation group taught by an experienced meditator, as well as private yoga classes.
Meditation & Yoga
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