Natasha Sagalovsky

Programs Manager
Patient, Clinic, & Community Relations

Natasha wears many hats at Sage and is the connective tissue at our clinic. She oversees the training and quality of our patient care coordination; runs our social media, newsletter, promotions, and marketing; and supports the relationships within and throughout our larger community. Her 6-year experience as core staff at an ashram influences the devotional care she brings to our patients and community at Sage.

Natasha is brought to this work through her many years as a therapeutic yoga teacher and her experience working with women recovering from trauma, abuse, emotional neglect, and the multiple co-existing conditions that result from these experiences. Offering Integrative yoga therapy continues to be a passion of hers and she is happy to be offering this at Sage.

Natasha has a background in manufacturing engineering and is a student of Somatic Experiencing, Authentic Relating, Herbalism, and Western Astrology. She grew up in Venezuela and speaks Spanish and English fluently.
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