Nan Herron, MD

Adult & Child Psychiatrist
Nan Herron, MD is a Board-Certified adult and child psychiatrist. She completed a "Triple Board" residency at Brown University, combining pediatrics with adult and child psychiatry, before engaging in a PTSD Fellowship in Boston with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, where she gained expertise working with patients with Complex PTSD. She has 30 years of experience supporting people in cultivating resilience in the face of everyday challenges as well as traumatic experiences.

She has worked in many in-patient as well as out-patient settings, addressing a large variety of symptoms in people of all ages and backgrounds. She is a registered yoga teacher and trained in self-compassion and stress-reduction meditation interventions, EMDR, dialectical behavioral therapy, and brain spotting. She has a particular interest in psychedelic therapy and completed a training program with the Integrative Psychiatry Institute.

Nan takes an integrative approach to complicated psychological dilemmas, encouraging patients to focus on their strengths and to implement alternative approaches. She believes that traditional psychiatric as well as psychedelic medications can be a valuable piece of the puzzle to help people achieve their goals. She encourages somatic modalities and interacting with nature to deepen the mind-body-spirit connection. She has an interest in engaging with folks who have felt excluded or marginalized, especially the LGBTQIA community. She is passionate about helping people identify and navigate the various options available to reach their therapeutic goals. She enjoys working with folks individually and well as in groups and workshop settings, to cultivate a collective, connected experience.

Nan understands the challenges imposed by our society's traditional medical approach but is hopeful that our current cultural shift is allowing for more holistic embodied healing. She respects that each individual has their own ideas about how they can best receive help and engages in partnership with patients to identify what approach feels right to them. She believes that everyone needs a carefully chosen treatment approach that is unique to them and will take the time to help you fine-tune what works for you to achieve the life you envision.

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