Jason Butler

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Jason provides an integrative and trauma-informed approach to psychotherapy, working with clients to access the wisdom and transformative processes of the body, emotions, dreams, imagination, relationships, and identity. Jason brings heart and thoughtfulness into his work as a psychotherapist, meeting clients where they are at, while also providing insightful reflections and compassionate engagement. He is committed to cultivating emotional safety and accompanying clients in their psychological, spiritual, and cultural experience. His style involves careful listening, direct communication, and collaborative meaning making - working together with clients to create a mutual understanding of the patterns that play out in their relationships, emotional life, dreams, and their place in the world.

Jason has worked extensively with LGBTQIA+ populations and identifies as a queer person and anti-racist ally. He centers a psychosocial perspective and draws heavily from liberation and feminist psychologies in helping clients to recognize and address the impact of systemic oppression on their bodies, minds, and hearts, and aims to not just "treat the symptom" but to follow these struggles to their root.

His central aim is to provide a respectful and culturally sensitive environment for emotional exploration and transformative learning, to help clients access the inner resources that facilitate healing. Clients learn to identify and understand their emotional experience in the light of their current relational and social context as well as their prior history and to engage their inner process with courage and patience.

Jason specializes in helping people improve self-esteem, expand emotional intelligence, and develop more fulfilling relationships. He has extensive experience working with relationship struggles, attachment issues, and developmental trauma, as well as depression, anxiety, sexuality, and psychospiritual development. His holistic approach addresses individual, familial, cultural/systemic, and spiritual dimensions of experience. He has a strong background in dream work, relational, and archetypal approaches, as well as psychedelic integration. Jason holds close to a faith in the healing that occurs when patient attention is afforded to the depths of experience. His passion for this work stems from helping people inhabit their life in a more embodied and meaningful way.

Jason is a licensed clinical psychologist, a practicing psychotherapist, writer, and educator in Berkeley, CA. He is a core faculty member in the Integral Counseling Psychology department at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is a therapist with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) expanded access program using MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for treating severe PTSD. He is deeply committed to broadening diversity, accessibility, and theoretical rigor in the field of psychedelic psychotherapy.
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