Asha Passalacqua, CMT

Massage Therapist
Asha (he/they) is an integrative bodyworker, aquatic therapist, and crisis counsellor with a somatic oriented approach to guiding the body into functional fluidity. He strives to meet his clients with a warm and compassionate presence as he supports them towards deepening levels of embodiment and freedom.

His bodywork approach uniquely weaves together the Neuromuscular approach of orthopedic deep tissue massage, the gentle rhythmic compressions and joint manipulations of Zen Shiatsu, the assessment precision of Neurokinetic Therapy and the deep fascial unwinding of Myofascial Cupping. He offers both table and floor sessions, dependent on individual needs and preferences. Humbled by the therapeutic power of the breath, he incorporates guided breathwork as either part of his bodywork sessions, or as stand-alone 1:1 sessions. As an intermediate Somatic Experiencing student, he also integrates elements of Somatic Experiencing in Psychosomatic sessions.

As an aquatic therapist, Asha also offers aquatic bodywork out of a 98° salt-water pool in Oakland. This modality incorporates shiatsu-like stretches, acupressure, gentle joint mobilizations, and underwater immersions as a profound approach to inducing deep states of relaxation, softening the bodies chronic tensions, and facilitating the somatic release of emotional holding patterns.

Asha earned his BA from Hampshire College in integrative psychology, medical anthropology, and contemplative studies, and his CMT from Mckinnon Body Therapy Center. His passion for aquatic therapy led him to study Aguahara and Fluid Presence in Brazil, Mexico, and Spain. In his free time Asha volunteers as a Crisis Counselor, and works as freelance film artist and dancer.
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