Elowyn J. Samadhi, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Elowyn Samadhi, PhD (she/they) is a licensed clinical psychologist and researcher. Dr. Samadhi has trained in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with Polaris Insight Center, MDMA-Assisted Therapy with MAPS, and is a UC-Berkeley Certified Psilocybin Facilitator. She currently serves as a Psilocybin Therapist on the UCSD clinical trial for phantom limb pain. At Sage, she offers attachment-oriented and trauma-informed virtual ketamine-assisted therapy, individual psychotherapy, and post-psychedelic integration.

Dr. Samadhi's approach is guided by her value of creating safe, welcoming spaces for people to explore all identities and parts of themself. Her style is warm, non-judgmental, and authentic, viewing each person with dignity and as fully capable. Dr. Samadhi has worked extensively with issues of childhood, adult, cultural, betrayal, and military traumas and supporting disowned parts is integral to her work. She understands the delicate, complex effects trauma can have and approaches therapy in a paced, compassionate way to help people navigate to the other side of shame. She flexibly tailors treatment to what each person needs, constructing therapy based on what works to relieve suffering, foster growth, and develop insight. Dr. Samadhi's approach incorporates depth and parts work to uncover wounds, somatic mindfulness-based techniques to synchronize mind-body-spirit, and holistic and interpersonal strategies to support integration. She places high value on the therapeutic relationship as a way to provide corrective experiences to support relational healing.

Dr. Samadhi identifies as biracial, bisexual, and the bedrock of her spiritual path is non-dual, tantric, animistic, and pagan. She sees cultural humility as an integral part of set and setting. Her personal practices include vipassana meditation, hiking with her partner, traversing non-ordinary states, creative expression, herbalism, and embodying non-violent communication.

Dr. Samadhi will exclusively be serving clients virtually.
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