Ida Ahmadi, AMFT (they/them)

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
If you've ever felt lost or stuck in a painful pattern or conflict or struggle with overwhelming intense emotions, or have trouble connecting with them--therapy with me is a profound way to discover yourself again and have new experiences. To restore balance and flexibility, and to reawaken your inherent capacity for joy and resilience. I listen with attention, empathy, and curiosity as we encounter and explore your conflicts, pains, and desires.

My philosophy of care is to provide compassionate holistic support for your unique position, to help you achieve your goals. I'm committed to supporting your autonomy, authenticity, and fulfillment. As a queer, non-binary trans child of immigrants, I'm familiar with bi-cultural/diaspora experience and occupying the liminal spaces and traversing the space of being neither here nor there. I'm sex & sex work positive, and experienced in working with non-monogamy. I provide an integrative approach that is warm, engaged, collaborative, strength-based and trauma-informed. I'm trained in Gestalt and a wide range of modalities that will be tailored to address your individual needs, including somatic and artistic approaches.

I'm a good fit for people who want to experience greater fulfillment, pleasure, and satisfaction in their life and relationships, and have a desire to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. I believe that expanding awareness allows the opportunity for greater choice--allowing for greater empowerment, self-sovereignty, and ease, but it can also feel overwhelming and disorienting at times. I'm here to help you make sense of it and anchor you on your journey.

Together, we will accomplish your goals by concentrating on what is important to you in a space where you will be listened to and heard, and where we will share an honest and accurate reflection of your experience. It's an honor to be with you and support your unique process of growth, wholeness, and healing.

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