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Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy

Our Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy package includes:

  • Psychiatric consultation to determine whether this treatment might be of benefit to you
  • 3-hour long ketamine treatment session, including 1 hour of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy
  • Prescription for take-home lozenges, if deemed necessary
  • Acupuncture session
  • Bodywork session
  • Membership in our integrative health treatment program


  • $2000 for 1st month (includes 2 ketamine-assisted sessions)
  • $1500 for following months

Ongoing participation in weekly psychotherapy required for the duration of ketamine treatment. Cost for psychotherapy not included in package. 


MDMA-assisted psychotherapy

We are preparing to offer MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as part of the FDA's Expanded Access program. Once MAPS' phase 3 trials research MDMA-assisted psychotherapy are well underway, likely in 2019, they will apply for Expanded Access through the FDA. If granted, Sage Integrative Health will be an Expanded Access site, and thus able to offer MDMA-assisted psychotherapy legally to those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. 


Photograph by Eric Hunt, 2005.