Treatment Packages
The simplest way to start with Sage is to give us a call. We'll start with a 30-minute intake call or in-person meeting in which you will describe your concerns, medical history and goals for treatment. We'll use this information to build an individualized package with treatment recommendations specific to your needs.

Care Shouldn't Be Complicated
As an entry point to integrative health we've also created a few comprehensive treatment packages. They are not the end of your care. They are the beginning. Each represents an easy access point to your own journey of integrative health.
Treatment Packages

Self Care Starter Pack
Our basic treatment package features two massages and an intake and follow up meeting with our nutritionist. This is a simple package designed to give your body a boost. We recommend this package as an easy entry point to integrative health for you or as a gift for a loved one.

Price: $500

To book the package give us a call.

Care Package
The Care Package is a multi-modality treatment package built around diet and bodywork. The package features an intake and follow up meeting with our nutritionist as well as two massages and two acupuncture sessions.

Price: $700

To book the package give us a call.

Intermediate Package
The Intermediate Package takes your treatment up a level, including health coaching, three acupuncture sessions, three one-hour massages, three health coaching sessions and a health assessment with treatment recommendations from our doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Price: $1375

To book the package give us a call.

Comprehensive Package
For those who want to go deep with integrative healthcare we've developed the Comprehensive Package, a plan consisting of a full intake and assessment with our naturopathic doctor, along with treatment recommendations based on your unique constitution and concerns, as well as an intake and three follow up sessions with our nutritionist, three one-hour massages, three acupuncture sessions, one private yoga session and three sessions of health coaching.

Price: $1865

To book the package give us a call.

Comprehensive Plus
Our deepest integrative health treatment package, Comprehensive Plus, adds three follow up sessions with our naturopathic doctor to the Comprehensive Package.

Price: $2765

To book the package give us a call.
Ketamine Treatment Package
We offer individualized packages based on your particular circumstances and needs. A typical package includes:

  • An intake with our prescribing physician
  • 2 preparatory sessions
  • 3 ketamine sessions
  • 6 integration sessions
  • 3 integrative health sessions, which can include massage, acupuncture or nutrition
  • Your package may include closely-monitored at-home lozenge sessions, which can help to make the treatment more affordable.

We recommend a commitment to at least 3 ketamine sessions, as this medicine tends to have a cumulative effect and is most beneficial after multiple treatments.

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