Elena Roemer

Elena Roemer is a Western and Chinese herbalist who supports her clients in reaching flourishing health through herbal medicine remedies and lifestyle adjustments. Like the ancient Taoists, she believes that health encompasses the whole person and that body, mind, and spirit must be aligned with nature to restore health. Using advanced diagnostic tools from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the latest in scientific research on medicinal herbs, she loves creating custom botanical formulas for her clients, while empowering and educating them to reach their health goals. She is passionate about mental-emotional health, supporting women to thrive at all ages, and inclusive of all bodies and identities on the path to optimum wellness. She first began studying herbal medicine from an East-West perspective in 2009 and continued learning across many botanical traditions until enrolling at ACTCM in San Francisco, where she is scheduled to complete her doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 2019.