Evan Sola, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist
Dr. Evan Sola, PsyD is a psychologist licensed in the state of California. He has a background in trauma-informed psychodynamic and Jungian psychotherapy. He meets clients with open curiosity as clients work toward understanding core values, wounds, and repetitive patterns that cause confusion in daily life. His relaxed and receptive stance creates a safe environment to bring awareness to the nature of present narratives, which often hold shapes of the past, while generating inquiry into what is needed now for resolution. Evan takes a direct and clear-minded approach to conflict, while remaining compassionate, caring, and nonjudgmental. He uses dreams to explore attitudes unconscious to the waking self, and provides psychedelic integration for those exploring non-ordinary states, spiritual emergencies, grief, and overwhelming life adjustments. He holds the therapeutic process with dignity, respect, and a sense of wonder in the service of facilitating authentic self-reflection and expression in the world.
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