Danielle Herrera, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Danielle is a tender-hearted and non-pathologizing psychotherapist, primarily trained and practiced in Psychedelic and Harm Reduction Psychotherapy. Her lens prioritizes a decolonized framework, with attunement to systemic oppressions and violences that impact the individual within a complicated ecosystem. She utilizes an emotion-focused, person-centered, and somatic approach and is committed to meeting you where you are, while working with you at your pace. Danielle utilizes Indigenous practices, ritual and ceremony, as well as other non-traditional healing modalities and systems when appropriate and desirable with clients. The initiation of trauma, spiritual emergence, integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness, and death/dying are but a few of her most comfortable human experiences to receive the honor to work with. Danielle welcomes and embraces your multidimensional and ineffable self -- including alternative and/or fringe identities not limited to those radical/rebellious, queer, kink, polyamorous, sex-workers, drug-users, houseless, intuitives, and otherwise outside of the mainstream.

In psychotherapy sessions with Danielle, you can expect your autonomy and boundaries to be respected with utmost importance, and held with warmth, compassion, and understanding. You will be held in a container designed for your unique experience of transformation, archetypal embodiment, or simply a place for becoming unstuck. You will leave feeling seen, heard, deeply valued, expanded into the space that is both your body and the universe around you. For Danielle, it would be an honor to hold a sacred space with you, for the healing of you and your intergenerational lineage alike.

Danielle received her Master's in Counseling Psychology from USF and her BA in Psychology from UCLA, albeit the breadth of her experience is grounded in her lived identities and in her practices of a multiplicity of counseling and therapeutic roles for the past decade. Danielle's current clinical roles also include service provided with Jennifer Fernandez & Associates, where she offers Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, exploring with clients their relationships to drugs and other compulsive behaviors.

Danielle uses she/her pronouns. She has intermediate fluency in ASL.
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