COVID-19 Update: We are continuing to offer services through telehealth, along with essential in-person sessions.
COVID-19 Update: We are continuing to offer services through telehealth, along with essential in-person sessions, and a variety of community offerings, which can be found on our "events" page.

Adam Ottavi, CMT

Massage Therapist
Adam Ottavi is a certified Rolfer®, Esalen® Massage Therapist, Deep Bodywork® Practitioner and Teacher, and Yin Yoga Instructor. Currently, he is a full-time graduate student in psychotherapy at CIIS in San Francisco. Adam is licensed and certified by the ABMP, the IASI, the Insight Yoga Institute, the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, and the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. Adam has a breadth of experience in trauma-informed touch therapies and Gestalt-oriented bodywork. He has worked with numerous trauma survivors, children, and others with special needs.

"Adam is a true professional. His knowledge is deep and thorough and he makes it a learning experience as well. His touch and mannerisms allow your muscles to relax for the fullest most restorative treatment. I highly recommend him, your body will thank you."

-Audrey B.

"One word: attunement. Attunement is defined as 'bringing into a harmonious or responsive relationship.' Mr. Ottavi provides the space and responsiveness necessary to create attunement with yourself as well as with the therapist relationship. His keen understanding of the human body and his light hearted candor provide the safety and comfort necessary to allow you to relax into yourself. I cannot begin to tell you just how wonderful my experience was at the hands of Mr. Ottavi. As a person who is under a great deal of stress for long periods of time it was incredible to finally feel a sense of attunement in myself and with my body."

-Tyler H.

"I will keep this short and sweet because one word really sums up an experience with Adam- EXCELLENT! I felt so cared for, safe and nurtured during my session with Adam. I was fortunate enough to have my session with him during one of his many trips and educational visits to Esalen Institute where he takes many of his advanced teachings. Adam offers a thoroughly relaxing, thoughtful and therapeutic session."

-Lily C.

"Adam's attention to your body is unparalleled. He makes you feel comfortable, listens to your concerns and addresses them excellently. He communicates with you and makes sure what he is doing is helpful but also challenging...His professionalism is impeccable and his overall anatomical knowledge is extensive and unmatched."

-Brady G.

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